Before playing each person must fill out a waiver if under 18 years of
age the parent or guardian must sign.  To print a waiver
click here.

  • Markers are to be shot in netted areas only

  • Do not shoot trees, signs, out buildings or
    other objects

  • Barrel plugs are to be used when not on the
    playing field

  • Face mask are to be worn at all times while on
    the field

  • Waiver's must be signed before entering fields
    or woods even if you are not playing.

  • If under 18 you must have a Parent or
    guardian to sign wavier form

  • No foul language

  • No drinking or drugs

  • Children not playing paintball must be
    supervised by parents

  • Stand back from netting, do not put face or
    hands on netting when a game is in progress.  
    this may result in injury

  • Follow instructions given by the ref

  • Throw trash away in proper containers

  • Field paintballs only this means you must buy
    our paintballs